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hinges, door pulls and track accessories

Welcome to American Hinge!

American Hinge, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is the number one choice for American made hinges, barn door pulls, and barn track accessories. Step back in time with truly authentic American-made hinges and hardware. In the tradition of days gone by, we forge hinges made to satisfy the needs of today, modeled in the strength and integrity of yesterday.

The quality of your barn hardware is paramount when you own a barn. Not only does your equipment have to be of durable quality, it also has to be customizable to your specific wants and needs. We at American Hinge can do that for you.

The craftsmen at American Hinge take pride in their ability to provide customers with any equipment they may need for their barn equipment. Hinges are an obvious necessity, but we also provide barn door pulls and barn track accessories for your convenience. Experience the fine quality of American-made hardware with American Hinge.

IMaybe you're not sure where to start, or perhaps you know exactly what you want; either way, Contact Us today and let us know! We look forward to speaking with you and creating the barn hardware perfect for you.